As we know music inspires people. Often to walk or drive faster 

However this might be a problem for people starting their adventure with running or aerobics. They try too hard to keep fast tempo and end up injuring or straining themselves. Often you have to force them to slow down and start building up their stamina to be able to perform with a nice min/km ratio or heart rate zones.

Endomondo - jogging plan

Above you can see an example of Endomondo’s planned workout and in HR zones after performing one. Whether the fat burn zone is a myth or not, if the user is struggling and keeping it in the maximum it might also mean that the plan of exercises needs to be adjusted.

So… I’m assuming few things here:

  • User is having some HR sensor. Be it ANT+ or Bluetooth, but the application is able to read live the current heart rate.
  • Songs have established connection between BPM and tempo of jogging (Spotify Running) which might variate between users.
  • Songs should be 3-4 minutes long. In case of Endomondo the speed is established per minute, but sometimes the GPS signal is lost or it takes into account last seconds (running with the same speed I get almost 8 min/km, soon to be followed by 5 min/km). That’s why it’s better to take at least 2-3 samples and calculate the average.
  • HR has precedence before the tempo. We don’t want anyone to suffer from a heart attack 

Daily UI - Day 9 - Music Player



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