I’m skipping Day 4 – Calculator for now, because I got an interesting idea which grew a lot overnight. I want to do a case study with that one 

To tell you the truth… I don’t like this one. I took like 10 different approaches to what I wanted to do and still ended up using a icon from Flat Icon. Plus it’s a typical graphic assignment that I don’t feel comfortable with.

So to all the people who actually design this by just drawing lines and curves: I salute you! You have my highest respect.

Edit: I forgot to describe what is the app about. So I have two options.

  1. It’s a simple app for students who need want to learn more about chemistry. You can choose compounds for salt formation, see what happens if you put Sodium in water and many more. Not all schools have proper chemical labs, so this virtual one allows to demonstrate what happens if you mix chemicals.
    And all of that without educational videos with creepy music from the 80s.
  2. Tinder for chemistry nerds. Find your own Marie Skłodowska-Curie! Though in such case I’d change the upper bubble for a heart.

Daily UI - Day 5 - App Icon


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