Our Chilean family and friends have paid us a visit and ended up travelling a bit around Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic. So I decided to gather about what are they so flabbergasted during their trip.

So… one of those days we’re walking trough Planty and after 50-100 m I see that most of the group stayed behind and was watching and taking picture of a tree.

It turned out they saw a squirrel.

Yes, this red fluffy little animal:

Squirrel posing
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_squirrel#/media/File:Squirrel_posing.jpg

“It moves exactly like in the [Disney] films,” “Can you come close to it?” and “Can we try feeding it?” were exchanged. Because you see… Squirrels are as abstract to Chileans as White Christmas (considering global warming to the Northern Hemisphere as well) – they saw that on TV, but never in real life.

Another animal that got lots of attention was a crow.

Północnoamerykański podgatunek C. c. principalis
Source: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kruk_zwyczajny#/media/File:Common_raven_by_David_Hofmann.jpg

As soon as this little bird started to sound everyone jumped with goosebumps and laughed that they feel like in a Hitchcock’s film or another horror.

More to come!