If you’re into UX design you probably heard of personas. There are different approaches on the subject. Personally, I have a small problem with creating abstract people with traits that I feel are inadequate for the process. That’s why, with the newest project, I decided to check out the Atlassian approach.

[If you haven’t heard about it and want to learn more, I highly recommend checking out Atlassian’s post how they design personas or video from IxDA Sydney about personas deck.]

The core idea is that you don’t create single use personas, but more like personalities with their traits and motivations. The second step is to choose a role that they are supposed to fulfil (be it customer, Q&A specialist or HR manager) and then try to execute the use case from their point of view. So we can see how a control freak will manage the situation differently in comparison to an easy going person.

Why do I think this is the way to go? Because it saves so much time and resources.

So here is my attempt to create the Card Deck 

This was printed, along with the questions, on a hard paper and cut into nice size cards. So, in the end, it looked like a cool deck to play an RPG session 

The main difference between this and Atlassian’s cards is the lack of roles. Since we have two actors in the part of the process we’re redesigning. This is why we rather decided to address it through different use cases/adjusting the questions.

Photos: pexels.com

Icons: flaticon.com