I’m preparing mock-ups for a client. And for those I need some fake data, which is still within the context (not to put Lorem ipsum).

So I’m going through job offers and their descriptions on http://www.trabajando.cl/ where I found an offer of praxis for students. And among its requirements:

Disponibilidad para realizar la práctica de Lunes a Viernes de 08:30 am a 18:15 hrs

(Availability to perform the praxis from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 18:15)

You have to work 9:45h a day, 5 days a week, for at least 3 months 

Meanwhile my imagination:

Children workers

Source: http://www.uni.edu/schneidj/webquests/adayinthelife/factorysystem.html

Someone please send an Assassin from the Syndicate to liberate those children.